Whiteshake MixPro

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  • Colour: White or Black
  • Weight: 3.55kg with battery
  • Product Type: Underwater Scooter
  • Dimensions: 465 x 230 x 230 mm
  • High speed: 6.4km/h
  • Low speed: 4.3km/h
  • Depth: 40m
  • Battery Life (Normal use): 60 minutes
  • Charging Time: ≤ 2 hours
  • Noise: ≤ 70 dB
  • Battery: 122-watt hours³ Li-ion battery.
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SUBLUE WhiteShark Mix PRO Underwater Scooter with Action Camera Mount Dual Motor 40M Waterproof for Water Sports Swimming Pool & Diving & Snorkeling & Sea Adventures

Sublue WhiteShark MixPro Underwater Scooter

WhiteShark MixPro is the smallest double propeller, ultra-lightweight and compact underwater scooter, it can reach up to 6.4km/h and lasts up to 60 minutes on a single charge. Upgrades have been made on SPEED, RUN-TIME and FEATURES see the comparison to the WhiteShark Mix.

Why is the WhiteShark MixPro better than the previous model the WhiteShark Mix?

  • Faster pace – 1km/h faster than the WhiteShark Mix (MixPro 6.4km/h, Mix 5.4 km/h)

  • Faster charger – 1 hour less charge time (MixPro 2 hours, Mix 3 hours)

  • Longer run time – 30 mins more run time (MixPro 60min, Mix 30mins)

  • Smartphone Mount – Comes with an optional phone mount to secure your phone to the top of the MixPro (the Mix doesn’t have this unique feature)


Enrich Your Underwater Experience

Use the WhiteShark MixPro at the pool for some afternoon fun with the family, or take it on an underwater adventure to dive deeper and explore further. WhiteShark MixPro is suitable for the pool, snorkelling, scuba diving, and free diving.

Capture Video and Photos with Ease

Capture epic moments using your smartphone by securing it onto the designated phone mount located on the floater. Or you can attach your action camera onto the universal mount to transform your WhiteShark MixPro into an underwater filming tool without additional cost.

2 Gears Speed Switch

With two speed options, you can go fast and experience the thrill at up to 4.3km/h, or go slow and take in the breath-taking view at 6km/h.

Li-ion battery and rapid 2-hour charging

WhiteShark MixPro is powered by lithium-ion batteries, which fully recharges in just two hours. The WhiteShark MixPro can last up to 60 minutes underwater on a single charge, giving you plenty of time to explore in the water. Spend less time charging and more time exploring underwater.

Salt Corrosion Test  


With 168 hours of salt-corrosion and salt-spray testing respectively, WhiteShark MixPro is designed to resist salt corrosion, perfect for open sea waters.

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